School Rules

Our rules are based on common sense, practicality and safety. Parents are asked to note the following which we consider to be important:

Jewellery in all forms is not acceptable in school. Children, however, who have pierced ears should wear unobtrusive studs and be able to remove them themselves at the beginning of swimming and PE lessons, or leave them out on the appropriate day.
No money (except that brought for official purposes) or sweets or chewing gum may be brought to school. Non-fizzy, cold drinks (in plastic containers), crisps, biscuits (no chocolate) and fruit are acceptable.
The absence of a child or the request for a child to be excused from any curriculum activity must be covered by an explanatory note or telephone call. Child verbal excuses cannot be accepted.
Prior permission for absence other than illness may be obtained from the Headteacher. Leave of absence in term time requires the completion of an ‘absence request form’ and will only be authorised in special circumstances.
All clothes and personal belongings should be clearly marked and identifiable.

In our Curriculum we aim:-

To Provide a range of policies which form a framework to deliver to the National and School Curriculum.
To help pupils to develop alert and agile minds and bodies, a sense of curiosity and enjoyment of learning within a safe environment.
To develop self respect, self esteem and self discipline, enabling them to cope with change.
To develop the partnership of Home, School and the Community.
To develop sensitivity and respect for the views of others and their attitudes, values and beliefs.
To offer a Curriculum which is broad and balanced for all ages and abilities of children who attend our School.