Vision & Values

The Mission Statement

It is our intention to create a school which offers a friendly and secure environment, so that the children in our care can develop confidence, individuality and co-operative learning skills.

We aim to fulfil the needs of the National Curriculum and to promote social, spiritual, moral and cultural aspects within the child.

We are committed to empowering pupils to fulfil their potential through continuing improvement in basic skills.

As a school, we aim to work in partnership with Parents, Governors and the Community.


  • To provide a range of Policies which form a framework to deliver the National and School
  • To help pupils to develop alert and agile bodies and minds, a sense of curiosity and enjoyment of learning within a safe
  • To help children to develop self-respect, self-esteem and self-discipline, to enable them to cope with
  • To develop the partnership of Home, School and the
  • To develop sensitivity and respect for the views, attitudes, values and beliefs of
  • To provide a curriculum, that is broad and balanced, for all ages and abilities of the children who attend Woodcroft

Our aim is to develop self confident, caring children who value themselves and others around them. We encourage them to behave in a courteous and responsible way to understand that it is necessary to have respect for other people.

We try to achieve this by creating a friendly, but well ordered and busy school life. Our duty of caring for one another in our school community is constantly and consistently emphasised by all staff. They emphasise continually that children should not be hurt or injure each other or interfere with work or property which is not theirs.

For minor misdemeanours usually the removing of privilege time or missing of playtimes is sufficient to put matters right. However, matters of a more serious nature will be shared with you as a parent so that a mutually agreeable way forward can be found.

It has to be stated that, in accordance with the 1986 Education Act, corporal punishment will not be used in this or any state school maintained by Staffordshire County Council Education Committee.